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Quick Overview of Various Modules of MS Dynamics 365

If you’ve never heard of MS Dynamics 365, it’s time to open up a whole new world of business management! If you’re the CEO of a large-scale company, you must be struggling sometimes when a fateful decision is to make. Dynamics 365 is an ERP combined with CRM and several useful features. The software covers all of your business operations and suggests interesting problem-solving ideas and forecasts.


How MS Dynamics 365 Works?


Well, you buy a pack that suits your business needs, hire a dedicated MS Dynamics 365 developer to ensure the smooth operation of the platform, and start working.


There are several MS Dynamics 365 modules:

· Business central;

· Marketing;

· Finance and operations;

· Retail;

· Talent(HR);

· Customer service;

· Sales;

· Mixed reality.

All of them form a powerful tool for effective managing.


What Are the Functions of the Main Modules?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for talent is a useful platform for HR managers and leaders to revamp the hiring process. With MS Dynamics 365 for HR, you choose the candidates more thoroughly.

The module has some elements or work items that divide the task of headhunting into smaller steps:

· Attract (to attract and engage more potential employees);

· Benefits (some additional features that both a company and a candidate will acquire);

· Business processes (to control the process of headhunting and track employee performance);

· Compensation management (for example, if you need to pay for test tasks or trainees);

· Compliance (checking out how fast and efficient a task is done);

· Employee development (to create larger business goals);

· Employee self-service (where employees create profiles and indicate their skills and experience).


The others are learning, leave and absence, onboard, organization administration, personnel management, system administration, and task management.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing was designed to attract and retain more leads on your website. You simply create multi-channel marketing strategies and launch your marketing projects on one platform. This project includes email distributions, web activities, event making, messages, and custom channels.


Besides, it’s super-fast and easy to create personalized projects. Dynamics 365 development for marketing also lets you make a dashboard to track the whole process. The platform is hands down the smartest business marketing tool available on the market.


Dynamics 365 for Retail is another curious tool that you’ll never quit once you’ve tried it. This is a platform that makes you and your customers closer. It creates a personalized experience for each and every one of your customers, empowers your employees to give insights to accelerate growth, and makes the shopping process more pleasant.


It offers a convenient way to track orders, see order history, discounts, and loyalty program opportunities. Dynamics 365 Retail makes your customers come back because it connects online and in-store purchasing experience to further suggest better offers and services.


The best in Dynamics 365 is that the platform is compatible not only with your work PC, but your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. You can check out what’s going on inside your business 24/7 and in any place in the world.

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