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How Dynamics GP is Improving Business

When a company gets bigger and starts to gain momentum, sometimes, it’s hard for one person, a CEO, to control everything. If your business has recently entered a category of SMB (small and mid-sized businesses), you’re probably overwhelmed with a whole new bunch of things that need your management. Microsoft Dynamics GP is an answer to your problems.

What is Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP is a management and accounting software for businesses generating from $7 million to $1 billion per annum in revenue. Dynamics GP handles financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing, project management, field service management, HR management, configuration, and development. Moreover, it also provides leaders with business analytics and reports.

What Dynamics GP offers to you is unifying your company’s departments into one well-organized system on one platform. You can check out for updates and new suggestions on the platform 24/7. It’s superior to traditional accounting since Dynamics GP shows your business operations like on a map.

How Dynamics GP Could Save You Millions of Dollars Each Year?

Dynamics GP not only shows you what’s going on inside your business but also protects you from wrong decisions. If you’re planning to keep track of transactions, a detailed, easy-to-follow, and clear chart of accounts would do. Dynamics GP can easily do it for you. Or, maybe you want to make your product a bit more competitive and think about implementing an effective method. No problem, Dynamics GP is up for everything!

Microsoft Dynamics GP processes your financials, inventory management, and operations without the human factor. That is why it never neglects its responsibilities. Microsoft Dynamics GP development lets the leaders reconsider the way things are in business.

How to Implement Dynamics GP into Your Business?

To ensure the stable work of Dynamics GP, go for one of the Microsoft GP packs. There are several of them (the starter pack, the extended pack, and the customization pack). When you’re done with this, hire a seasoned Microsoft Dynamics GP developer.

If you’re struggling with any of these stages, ask a GP consulting company for guidance. Even if you think that you don’t need this, think twice. Dynamics GP consultancy may provide you with unique info and help with choosing the GP package according to your needs.

A Dynamics GP consultant, along with the developer, supports the platform, makes the operation of GP as smooth as possible, and fixes any problems that might occur.

Why You Need GP Developer?

This person is an expert in the niche and, therefore, has valuable knowledge on CRM and ERP systems. They may teach your tech team some essentials to improve other software processes.

Besides, instead of paying $150,000 to your top manager, $120,000 to the account manager, and $200,000 to other managers, you will have to pay up to $130,000 to one person including the cost of Dynamics GP. If you try out outsourcing, you’ll find out that remote GP programmers charge about $40,000-$70,000. Now you surely have some food for thought, so mull it over and consider the most efficient solution.

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