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Microsoft Dynamics NAV vs AX: a Quick Overview


Microsoft product line presents many various ERP solutions. Often people find difficulties while comparing and distinguishing them, especially Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX. Both of them are gold-standard solutions for businesses and organizations. Here we want to go through the strong sides and drawbacks of these two software. So you can easily choose a suitable option according to your technical, business, and functional needs.


Dynamics AX: Key Features


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (known as Dynamics AX before rebranding in 2016) possesses fully integrated ERP functionalities. Another important characteristic is the possibility to use multiple languages and currencies. It is also completely applicable to any software system and offers a user-friendly interface, which can be handled even by dummies. In case you need any help or questions, don’t hesitate to turn to their support service and get high-qualified instructions. It is a useful means for all kinds of companies, since its available features include budget planning, category and product management, compensation management, cost administration, cost analysis, personnel management, project management and many more. Dynamics 365 saves you a fortune thanks to all possible functions gathered in one ERP.


Dynamics NAV: Main Characteristics


Dynamics NAV ERP is a must-have business software that can be easily installed on all devices possible. It substitutes dozens of managers and administrators and, therefore, saves your money. It covers the main business areas of accounting, operations, financial management, and manufacturing, which are essential for a company of any size.


Dynamics NAV developer helps you to manage problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, tackling any code errors, SQL service knowledge, supply chain working background, confident written and oral English and so on. With the help and easy-to-tackle interface of the software, you can create reports, layouts and data models in a matter of a few minutes. Navision programmer makes it possible to easily cope with accounting, manufacturing, sales, finance, supply chains, project management, reporting, marketing, overall workflow, e-services, taxes, etc.


Industries to Apply ERP Systems


Taking into account numerous non-end pros of both variants discussed, we can undoubtedly say that they are perfectly suitable for a long list of following industries: manufacturing, distribution, oil & gas, general heavy industry, and all niches of services. These solutions help employees streamline operations and at the same time increase the quality of customer-company interaction, make faster and smarter decisions, and let them leverage the investment they’ve already made in their existing Microsoft technology platform.


Who Takes a Golden Cup?


The most important issue which cannot be missed is pricing. Starter Pack used by most companies costs $5,000 and includes three full users. For manufacturing or project accounting functionality, the Extended Pack is $10,000. Every additional user costs $3,000, a read-only user – $600, and a self-service user is $125.


Microsoft Dynamics AX pricing is divided into three types of users:Enterprise User costs $185/month and requires a minimum of 20 users, Task User - $30/month/user and Self-Service User - $8/month/user.


Dynamics NAV is a leader among ERP products in Microsoft Dynamics with more than 125,000 companies and over 2,000,000 users. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations possesses more than 20,000 companies, and this number is rapidly growing.

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